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How much are you putting away for retirement? This article examines one area (actually, there are many) that may conflict with one’s ability to invest a sufficient sum for retirement.

You have probably read that the sooner you begin saving, the better, because the magic of compounding can make you wealthy. But what if you don’t start early and still want to accumulate a nest egg that will carry you through your retirement years? The article below shows the amount you must save and the amount you must earn annually to reach $1,000,000. The assumption is that you contribute to a 401(k), and eventually max out your annual contributions.


Retirement brings on a significant change of life. Schedules change. Routines change. Responsibilities change. As a result, we can feel a lack of purpose and loss of daily contact with those with whom we worked. Add to all those changes, a significantly increased amount of time with your spouse. The linked article below offers some good ideas for preparing for increased time together and not letting all of the other changes in your life change what is most important.

This article examines the question many people ask about when to start Social Security income.